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KPDI law firm from Gdańsk combines the potentials of a Law Firm with an Accounting Office and Patent Attorney.


Responsible legal counselling requires the support of specialists such as: an accountant, expert auditor, tax advisor or patent attorney. Founding the KPDI Group, we tried to meet the expectations of the contemporary business trading which poses a variety of challenges to lawyers.


That is why we can provide top quality services taking all aspects of a business operation into account.


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KPDI Group - advisory in three fields:

KPDI Law Firm

Law Firm KPDI offers in-house and strategic legal advisory in business.

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Thanks to alliances we reduce both the time and expense of legal protection and we extend the geographical scope of our operations.

At present even small and medium-sized enterprises participate in international trade. That is why professional legal counselling must extend to the legal systems of foreign contractors. Court disputes in other countries or an agreement analysis under a foreign law - these are the simplest examples of the challenges faced by our Clients.



We meet these needs through EUROJURIS International. Thanks to our active membership in this organization and a long-term cooperation with a number of foreign law firms, we are able to provide legal services almost all over the world.