Grupa KPDI

Welcome to KPDI Law Firm


Welcome to KPDI Law Firm seated in Gdansk.


Our lawyers provide legal advisory for commercial entities in the field of Polish law.


We assist our foreign clients in any aspect of theit business activity in Poland, starting from the very initial stage of setting up a company. Our goal is to become a partner in your business. We work not only in Gdansk but also in any other location in Poland, in particular in Warsaw.


Also private clients entrust us their legal problems, in particular in the field of family law, private law and inheritance law.

We are pleased to present you our Law Firm, team and offer.

Thanks to alliances we reduce both the time and expense of legal protection and we extend the geographical scope of our operations.

At present even small and medium-sized enterprises participate in international trade. That is why professional legal counselling must extend to the legal systems of foreign contractors. Setting up greenfield companies in Poland, court disputes in other countries or revision of a contract based on a foreign law - these are the simplest examples of the challenges faced by our Clients.



We meet these needs through EUROJURIS International. Thanks to our active membership in this organization and a long-term cooperation with a number of foreign law firms, we are able to provide legal services almost all over the world.