International trade

The international exchange of goods stands out due to its specific problems.


The domestic law regarding international trade slowly loses its practical meaning as nowadays the rules set by international law (Conventions) and UE law (UE Conventions, Regulations) often overrule domestic laws.


As regards international trade in particular shall be taken into consideration issues of proper choice of transaction law, effective security of parties’ eventual claims, determination of payment form, and also place and rules of disputes resolution.

Certain transaction requires detailed analysis of foreign law as regards the party’s right to conclude an agreement, the form of transaction (e. g. issuing of the bill of exchange abroad) and others. The international trade as regards application of customs and excise laws causes also particular legal problems.


Our proficiency in the application of the INCOTERMS formulas, experience in the issues of international transport as well as a perfect command in foreign languages and permanent cooperation with a number of law firms united in EUROJURIS International enable us to cope with the tasks related to the international trade.