Investment process. FIDIC

The investment process is an example of application of rules coming from different areas of law. This regards both investor and contractor.


Irrespective if the intention is to rise an apartment building, warehouse, or to upgrade installation in the factory, one has to obey the civil, building, labour, insurance, environmental protection, historical monument protection and other laws. The choice of contractor is often made according to the public procurement law.


In reference to investment process both investor and contractor shall be professionally advised, not only in order to be ensured before breaching the law, but also to be protected with proper legal measures in case of breaching of law by the other party.


We advise in particular on FIDIC contracts. Our lawyers attended several professional trainings in this area. Our law firm, in cooperation with Association of Engineers, Advisors and Experts (SIDiR), also organised the training “Contractual conditions of FIDIC”.


Our knowledge, together with a great experience in practical application of FIDIC, allows us to use provide a responsible advise in that field.