Due diligence – the audit of companies, enterprises and real property

Due diligence assessment of companies and enterprises

Buying shares in a company is very simple. Much more challenging is examining the substance of the company buy take shares in or sometimes become the sole owner. When buying shares we buy a poke not seeing the pig. Our role is to provide our Client with all information about the company’s history and any risks resulting from this history.

Jointly with tax advisers and chartered auditors we develop comprehensive assessment reports which go beyond legal issues to include also tax and financial matters.

Due diligence assessment of real property

Buying land or a building is also a serious transaction as real property is often encumbered in various ways and in some cases the buyer may be liable for debts of its legal predecessor.

Any investments to be made with regard to real property intended to be acquired are only possible if allowed by local laws (local special development plan, decision on land development).

The role of the Law Office is to ensure that the Client has legal certainty about the real property and we do that through a dedicated assessment.

due dilligence