In-house legal service is associated with employing a legal advisor “full-time”. An in-house lawyer has many advantages: he knows all aspects of the company’s operations, works within its structure and is available on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this solution also has many disadvantages.

Usually, a full-time lawyer works alone. This raises the problem of ensuring the continuity of legal services during his absence (vacation, illness, business trip). After all, business cannot wait for the return of a legal advisor.

Even the best lawyer will not become a specialist in every area of ​​law. New technologies, changing legal regulations, regulations of other areas of activity – these are just examples of difficulties that every lawyer encounters on his career path. And yet, supporting the activity of an entrepreneur, we must fully follow all changes in the law. After all, the need for legal aid is not constant.

Sometimes there is little work, and finally our client is faced with a serious business project. Providing appropriate support often comes at the expense of the ongoing handling of the company’s affairs.

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Legal services in-house provided by the KPDI law firm solves the above-mentioned problems.