Any investement, in particular if FIDIC contract conditions are applied, requires specialist legal consultancy.

Investor and the investor’s duties

Any risks connected with investment in real property are borne by the investor. It is the investor who has to choose the proper building contractor and enter into building works agreement in the first place and then during the investment is obliged to follow the provisions of civil, building, labour, insurance, environmental protection, conservation and other laws. Quite often the Economic Operator is selected through the Public Procurement Procedure which particularly formalizes the selection of the contractor.

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Investment services – KPDI’s experience

KPDI Law Office advised on numerous building investments. Here are only some them:


Program 10+ – the comprehensive technical development scheme for LOTOS Group

As the legal consultant of Grupa LOTOS S.A. we provided our services in the project of Gdańsk refinery expansion under the working name “Program 10+” with the budget of PLN 5.6 billion (EUR 1.4 billion).


Our lawyers managed a number of investments, including among others the building of:

ikona KPDI  Maritime Culture Centre in Gdańsk

ikona KPDI  Shipwreck Conservation Centre in Tczew

The investor of both these projects was the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. The investments were co-financed within the framework of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the economic operators were selected in the Public Procurement Procedures.

The building of the Maritime Culture Centre required also the old building situated next to the Crane of Gdańsk to be demolished and, subsequently, archaeological works to be carried out. The contract itself was based on FIDIC conditions. The investment was a great success

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We are experienced in executing investments based of FIDIC standard forms of contract.

Our lawyers participated in numerous training sessions in this field. Our Law Office, jointly with SIDiR – the Association of Engineer Consultants and Valuers, organized the course in FIDIC Contract Forms. The knowledge gained through this experience, supported with practice, allows us to be professional consultants in investment processes.