Personal data protection and GDPR implementation – the universal problem of all companies

We assist with full engagement and experience in implementing new solutions resulting from the GDPR. Our offer includes developing all types of documents required by the new EU provisions and conducting an audit to assess compliance with law of the Client’s current actions and procedures. The whole process results in development of the full and lucid post-audit documentation tailored to the Client’s needs.

Our duties in implementing documents compatible with the GDPR include among others:

  • Developing the catalogue of necessary procedures and templates of registers and records for the personal data collector

  • Analysing agreements which involve personal data processing

  • Developing drafts of amendments to currently binding agreements to regulate personal data processing

  • Developing a complete post-audit documentation required for compliance with the GDPR

ochrona danych osobowych

Our team leader with regard to labour law is:

Lechosław Piotrowski, Attorney