Staff – related matters

KPDI Law Office has for many years provided consultancy services in the area of labour law,

representing both employees and employers.


Individual labour law for any company

KPDI advises on HR matters

We advise both employees and employers on developing terms and conditions of employment contracts and other documents.

A company is not only its capital. A company is first of all its people. Individual issues of labour law are the concern of each company. Therefore, the support of an experienced lawyer in staff-related matters is necessary.

KPDI advises both employees and employers on developing employment documentation. We negotiate employment contracts, non-competition agreements, rules of using company cars or covering the costs of employee professional development and others.

Collective labour law

Namely Company Collective Agreements, Employee Handbooks, Remuneration Rules and so on.

We develop and negotiate the internal documentation in the scope of collective labour law.

Our Law Office has vast experience in protecting employer’s rights. When there is a large company, the Company Collective Agreement, the Employee Handbooks or Remuneration Rules are implemented, whereas the employee interests are represented by a trade union. Where this is the case, we advise and represent employers in negotiations with trade unions and in contacts with the works council etc.

Representation in labour disputes

If a dispute occurs, we assist in settling the dispute – either amicably or in court.

We defend your rights in court.

We represent our Clients in labour proceedings conducted in Labour Courts – this refers both to employees and employers. The subject of this type of disputes is not only groundless termination or dissolution of employment contact but also financial settlements, non-competition clauses, mobbing or discrimination.

The leader of our team in terms of labour law is:

Anna Grzesznik-Matla, Attorney

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